Basic Pharmacology of NG -Nitro – L – Arginine Methyl Ester

Muhanad S. Abdelwahab, Mukhallad A. M. Mohammed, H. M. Abdelwhab, Mazin S. Abdalla Mohamed, Mansour Abdelgader Bellal

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Potential Hazards of Ethanolic Extract of Garcinia kola on the Testes of Adult Male Wistar Rats

E. O. Nweke, J. K. Opara, I. J. Okafor

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Dose-dependent Effect of Avocado Peel Hydroethanolic Extract on Antioxidant Status of Heart and Kidney Tissue Homogenates in Wistar Rats

Daniel Y. Onoja, Arthur N. Chuemere, Kolawole A. Tolunigba, Mobisson S. Kelechi, Ilochi N. Ogadinma

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Haematologic and Gastric Histological Changes Associated with Administration of Ground Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) Seed on Adult Male Albino Wistar Rats

Christopher Chiedozie Mbadugha, Gabriel Donatus Edem, Uka Emmanuel, Isaac Etim Udoudo

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Histological Effects and Prenatal Exposure to Crude Aqueous Extract of Morinda lucida Leaves on the Frontal Cortex of Growing Wistar Rats

O. O. Adeleye, A. A. Akande, A. A. Odetola

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