The Disintegrant Property of a Hydrophilic Cellulose Polymer Derived from the Tubers of Ipomoea batatas in Paracetamol Tablet Formulation

Ugoeze Kenneth C., Nwachukwu Nkemakolam

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The Correlation of Promoter Polymorphism and Expression of Androgen Receptor Gene with Hypospadia Incidence

Yevri Zulfiqar, Yanwirasti ., Jamsari ., Irfan Wahyudi

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Hygroscopic Expansion Influence on Cuspal Deflection of Tooth Composite Restoration

Hossam M. Mossa, Essam I. Elkhatat, Labib M. Labib

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In vitro Antimycobacterial Screening of Ficus sycomorus Extracts on Susceptible Strain of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

M. A. Song, M. M. Abarshi, D. A. Ameh, M. S. Aliyu, K. Mamuda, E. Nicolas, A. Isiyaku, P. Meshak, I. Mosunmola, K. Abba, S. Mikailu

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In vitro Free Radical Scavenging and Antioxidant Activities of Aqueous Extracts of Crateva adansonii (Three-leaf Plant)

H. C. C. Maduka, C. E. Ugwu, C. C. Dike, A. N. Okpogba, P. N. Ogueche, M. S. Ali, S. S. Bakare, J. Tino

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