2015 - Volume 4 [Issue 1]

Original Research Article

Acute and Subacute Toxicological Assessment of the Leaf Aqueous Extract of Eremomastax speciosa (Acanthaceae) in Wistar Rats

Gaël Tchokomeni Siwe, George Enonchong Enow-Orock, André Perfusion Amang, Christophe Mezui, Alain Bertrand Dongmo, Paul Vernyuy Tan

DOI: 10.9734/JAMPS/2015/18361

Page: 1-13

5HT1a Receptor Binding Affinities of a Series of Serotonin Transporter (SERT) Inhibitors and Related Thermodynamic Insights^

Gisella E. Alfonsino, Andrea Santagati, Livia Basile, Ettore Novellino, Corey Gaul, Carley Squires, Michael Braden, John M. Gerdes, Silvia Pérez Silanes, Salvatore Guccione, Keith K. Parker

DOI: 10.9734/JAMPS/2015/18917

Page: 1-12

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