Radioprotection Compliance Rules Study in Dakar's Hospitals, Senegal

EL Hadji Oumar Ndoye *

Forensic Medicine Department, FMPO, UCAD, Senegal.

Al Housseynou Diop

FMPO, UCAD, Senegal.

Serigne Moussa Badiane

Department of Biophysics, Nuclear Medicine, UFR2S – UGB, Senegal.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


This work aims to promote greater safety in the use of X-rays in our hospitals. The effects of radiation have continued to arouse keen interest mixed with concern. Due to their ionizing power, these radiations lead to cascades of reactions in the body causing genetic mutations, cancer phenomena and even cell death, among others. We thus distinguish between threshold effects (deterministic) and random effects (stochastic). This work is a quantitative study based on a questionnaire intended for majors in radiology services in Dakar.

 This study was carried out in the Dakar region over a period of two (02) months from July 15, 2022 to September 15, 2022. By analyzing the results, we’ve noted that standard radiography and computed tomography are the two most frequently performed radiological examinations in all the services studied with respectively 60.9 o/o and 30.4 o/o of the radiological examinations carried out daily. It is appeared that radiation protection in radiology departments has limits. It is therefore urgent to overcome them and to encourage the development of radiation protection in parallel with the evolution of the technical platform. Compliance with the rules and regulations constitutes a requirement for the protection of people exposed to ionizing radiation. The national radiation protection authority should take steps to harmonize the control protocols for radiology department equipment for optimal monitoring of radiation protection measures. It would be important to install a maintenance unit in each health structure with a radiology department which would be under the responsibility of the national authority responsible for radiation protection.

Sanctions are provided for in the event of breaches of laws and regulations by the Senegalese authorities.

Keywords: X-rays, ionizing power, radiology, radiation protection

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Ndoye, EL Hadji Oumar, Al Housseynou Diop, and Serigne Moussa Badiane. 2024. “Radioprotection Compliance Rules Study in Dakar’s Hospitals, Senegal”. Journal of Advances in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences 26 (6):17-22.


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