Basic Pharmacology of NG -Nitro – L – Arginine Methyl Ester

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Muhanad S. Abdelwahab
Mukhallad A. M. Mohammed
H. M. Abdelwhab
Mazin S. Abdalla Mohamed
Mansour Abdelgader Bellal


NG – Nitro- L- arginine methyl ester (L-NAME) is a synthetic drug in which a quanidino is substituted for L-arginine analoques. It is a competitive enzyme inhibitor which inhibits nitric oxide synthase, hence, decreasing nitric oxide production [1].

L-NAME, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetic, NG- L- arginine, Nitric Oxide (NO), hypertension

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Abdelwahab, M. S., Mohammed, M. A. M., Abdelwhab, H. M., Mohamed, M. S., & Bellal, M. (2019). Basic Pharmacology of NG -Nitro – L – Arginine Methyl Ester. Journal of Advances in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 19(3), 1-5.
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