Erosive Cervico-occipital Arthritis Caused by Enthesitis in a Patient with Axial Spondylathritis

Miladi Saoussen, Kaffel Dhia, Maatallah Kaouther, Zouch Imen, Hamdi Wafa, Kchir Med Montacer

Page: 1-5

Assessing the Prevalence and Patterns of Elder’s Abuse in Imo State, Nigeria: A Rural – Urban Comparative Study

R. U. Oluoha, C. N. Obionu, K. A. Uwakwe, K. C. Diwe, C. B. Duru, I. A. Merenu, A. C. Iwu, T. B. Ogunniyan, U. Onyeonoro, I. Ohale, E. U. Ndukwu

Page: 1-11

Assessing the Effectiveness of Using Simulation in Cupping Therapy Training Course for Undergraduate Medical Students: A Study in Riyadh, KSA

Abdullah M. Al-Bedah, Tamer S. Aboushanab, Meshari S. Alqaed, Naseem Akhtar Qureshi, Ibrahim Al-subai, Ahmed T. El-Olemy, Mohamed Khalil

Page: 1-7